Curbside Recycling, Yard Waste, and Tree Branches


Regular household trash will be picked up on Mondays. Household trash is limited to three bags, three cans, or your 96 gallon toter. Bags and cans should be no larger than 30 gallons. Any additional waste that needs to be disposed of will need to be placed in a 30 gallon bag with a pre-paid sticker attached. You can purchase those stickers at Paola City Hall. They will be available in books of 10 for the price of $15. Recycle Logo

Recycling will be offered to all residents on Thursdays. Every household will receive a 65 gallon cart, but no limitations will be put on the amount that will be picked up. You can use your own well-marked containers as well. Recycling placed in bags cannot be picked up with the exception of paper placed in a paper bag.

Accepted Items

Items that can be recycled include:
  • #1 thru #7 plastics.
  • Aluminum and metal food / beverage containers - please rinse these items.
  • Cardboard and cereal boxes.
  • Magazines and phonebooks.
  • Newspaper and office paper.

Items Not Accepted

Items that cannot be recycled include:
  • Containers with oil or other hazardous materials.
  • Glass, shredded paper, Styrofoam or plastic bags.

Broken glass and the shredded paper, Styrofoam, and plastic bags are difficult to manage at the sorting center. Please place these items in your regular household trash. If you want to recycle glass, please take it to the Ripple Glass Recycling container at Price Chopper at 309 N Hospital Drive.

Yard Waste

Yard Waste cannot be placed in your household trash or with your recycling.

The City of Paola offers a free yard waste collection site for residents. Yard waste can be taken to the City of Paola Public Works Facility located at 29370 Old KC Road. The collection site is open daily, including weekends, and is located on the left side as you enter through the south gate. Tree limbs are not accepted at the yard waste collection site. Commercial yard and landscape companies may not use this facility.

Tree Limbs and Branches

The City of Paola provides monthly curbside collection of tree branches and limbs. Branches and limbs will be picked up on the 4th Monday of each month. To have your branches and limbs picked up, they must meet the following criteria: 

  • Branches and limbs must be tied into bundles. Loose piles will not be picked up.
  • Use twine or string only to tie bundles. Wire or plastic will not be accepted.
  • Limbs and branches must be cut into 4 foot lengths or less.
  • Bundles must be less than 18 inches in diameter.
  • Bundles must weigh 50 pounds or less.
  • Have your bundles at the curb in front of your house before 8:00 am on collection day, not in the alley.

Bulky Item Pickup:

On the first trash collection day of each month, Waste Management will pick up one bulky household item, without additional charge. Bulky household items include a chair, couch, mattress, television, box springs, microwave, computer, etc. However, appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, or tires and construction materials cannot be picked up. Place your bulky item next to your regular household trash on the first collection day of the month and they will pick it up!

Additional bulky item pick up or bulky items picked up on other dates other than the first collection date of the month is available from Waste Management for an additional charge. Large amounts of extra household trash can also be picked up for an additional charge. 

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