Meeting Room Policy

The Paola Free Library has 2 study rooms ideal for up to 8 people which may be joined to create one small meeting room that has the capacity for 25 people. The Library also has a homework or study room on the lower level. Policies for the use of these rooms are outlined below.

General Policies for All Meeting Rooms

Meeting and study rooms may be prioritized for educational, cultural, informational, or governmental / civic activities. Under no circumstances may these rooms be used for commercial or business purposes. This includes sales, solicitation, promotional, and fee-based activities and services.

Preference is always given to Paola Free Library programs or meetings. After that preference may be given to City of Paola departments and local nonprofit community groups.

No admission fees will be charged. No products or services may be advertised, solicited or sold in library meeting rooms or on library property. Educational courses conducted by non-profit agencies may charge fees for learning materials or course credits.

Only fundraising events sponsored by the library, Friends of the Library, or other organizations affiliated with the library are permitted.

The library is not to be considered the sponsor, the host, or the endorser or in any other way associated with any organization using the meeting room. To establish the fact that the Paola Free Library is not sponsoring the event, all publicity which uses the name of the library must include the statement “Sponsored by (the name of the organization).”

Patrons or groups may not use the Library’s address or phone number as their contact point or expect library staff to assist with set-up, clean-up or receptionist duties.

Rooms are held for 15 minutes past the reservation time. Rooms must be vacated fifteen (15) minutes before the library closes unless prior approval is given by the Director or Assistant Director.

The door must remain closed during meetings and conversation should be kept to a level that cannot be heard outside the room. Meeting room programs must not interfere with library operations.

No alterations may be made to the rooms and nothing may be attached to the walls.

Doors must remain unobstructed and windows uncovered.

Rooms must be left in a neat and orderly condition (i.e. chairs pushed into table; table top & floor clean, and trash removed). Patrons using the rooms will return to the adult circulation desk to check out. A staff member will confirm the condition of the room before the patron leaves.

Meeting Rooms must be checked out at the circulation desk with a library card or ID. Cost for damage to the room will be added to the library card record of the person registering for the room. If significant damages occur they may be reported to police if not taken care of by the visitor that signs for the room.

Meeting Room

The Meeting Room may be reserved no more than twelve (12) months in advance, and an organization is limited to twelve (12) scheduled meetings within that period.

The person using or reserving the Meeting Room must present their library card or photo ID at the time of checkout and be at least 13 years old. This patron is responsible for the condition and conduct in the room.

To reserve the Meeting Room, individuals or groups must submit a completed “Reservation Request Form” online or in person to the library at least three days before the event. The reservation is not completed until the form has been submitted and approved by supervisory staff.

A projector and screen are available for use by groups. If the group needs to use this equipment, a representative for the group should call 24 hours in advance to receive instructions for the proper use of this equipment.

Study Rooms on Upper Level

These study rooms are available to library patrons or staff needing a place to meet in a group setting of no more than eight (8) people or as a quiet study area for reading, private study or tutoring. Groups must comply with established occupancy limit of 8 people per study room.

Groups and individuals may reserve study rooms in advance, but may make no more than one reservation at a time. Upon check-out, the person responsible for the study room must present their library card or photo ID and must be at least 13 years old.

The partition which separates one study room from another must be left shut and latched and the noise level in a study room must be kept at a level that does not disturb patrons in the adjoining study room or in the reading room.

A patron may reserve a room for a two (2) hour time block per day. Time may be extended beyond two hours (not to exceed four (4) hours a day) if others are not waiting.

At least one member of the group or the patron who reserves the room must stay in the room throughout the session. Empty rooms may be assigned to other patrons.

Youth Study Room/Makerspace on Lower Level

A patron may reserve a room for a two (2) hour time block per day. Time may be extended beyond two hours (not exceed four (4) hours a day) if others are not waiting.

This room is included in our video surveillance. Please be mindful to other patrons. Anyone disrupting others may be asked to leave.

Reviewed and updated by the Board of Trustees October 2021

Reviewed by the Board of Trustees October 2022