Paola Pathways


Paola Pathways is a multi-use trails system connecting the community of Paola, Kansas. The system links key locations throughout the city, especially schools, parks, and recreational facilities. Trails include a variety of surfaces and distances designed for walkers, runners, and bicyclists.  Please read our Trail Rules & Etiquette to ensure everyone can enjoy the trail system!

Lake Miola Trail

More than seven miles of trail encompasses Lake Miola, which is located on the northwest edge of Paola. There are also loops of trail near residential areas. Six trailheads offer parking, trash/recycling containers, and pet waste stations. The final section was constructed during the summer of 2019. Each of the six trailhead kiosks displays a detailed map, trail descriptions and mileage, a list of donors, project history, and other helpful information for users.

In addition to seating at each trailhead, donor-sponsored benches are located along the trail to provide a place to sit and enjoy magnificent sunrises and sunsets, gentle breezes, or the cool shade provided by the woods on a hot day.

The main entrance to Lake Miola Park is at the intersection of 299th Street and West Lake Miola Drive. 

Trails in Wallace Park

There are three interconnecting trails in Wallace Park:  Park View, Rock Stadium, and Bull Creek Trails. Surfaces are primarily of limestone screenings. Each of the trailheads offers parking, trash/recycling containers, and pet waste stations. The kiosks feature a full map of the entire park, as well as a detailed map of that specific trail and how it connects with the other two. Donor-sponsored benches are located at strategic spots along the trails to provide a place to sit and enjoy the restful sounds of rippling water, children at play, refreshing breezes, or the surrounding landscape in general.

Wallace Park Drive is the main entrance to the park — just off Osage Street on the south end of Paola. It is a one-way street with a designated bike lane. The street leads visitors directly to the municipal swimming pool, playground, ball diamonds, basketball and tennis courts, skate board park, comfort station, portable toilets, picnic shelters, and tables throughout the park. In addition to trailhead parking lots, access to trails can be made from several drive-through parking areas along Wallace Park Drive.

Panther Trail

In a joint effort with the City of Paola, Unified School District 368, and Lighthouse Presbyterian Church, the .75-mile Panther Trail was constructed in 2015 — complete with panther tracks indicating the centerline. The Panther Trail, extending along Hedge Lane from Panther Drive to Industrial Park Drive, is an eight-foot asphalt trail that connects our community with a safe, off-road option for students to ride bikes and/or walk to school campuses.

Lake Miola Trail Map

You can contact us at or call Public Works at 913-259-3620
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