Municipal Court

COVID-19 and Court Appearance

In response to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the Paola Municipal Court is reducing, if not eliminating, the number of in person hearings.  Most hearings will be held by video conference.  In order to increase the effectiveness of these hearings, these procedures are in effect pending further notice.


Video Conferencing Guidelines for Attorneys in Paola Municipal Court

Special Video Conferencing Procedures For Persons Without Attorneys


The Paola Municipal Court is part of the judicial branch of the Paola City Government. Traffic, misdemeanor, and city ordinance violations are heard in this Court. The Honorable Sheila M. Schultz presides over all court proceedings. City Prosecutor Lee Tetwiler represents the City and is charged with presenting the City's case against the defendant.

The Municipal Court holds approximately 1,600 cases each year. If you need special assistance for your visit, please contact the Court Clerk.


The Municipal Court is in session every Thursday beginning at 1:00 PM. Court is held at the Municipal Court Room at the Paola Justice Center located at 805 N. Pearl St. in Paola. Parking is available in the parking lot just south of the building.  For a map showing the location of the Paola Justice Center, click here.

What should I expect at Municipal Court

Municipal Court is a formal proceeding, persons attending court should be aware that some things are not allowed to be taken into the courtroom and appropriate attire is required.  For example: no weapons, cell phones, or other recording devices are allowed. Shorts, tank tops, tube tops, cut-offs, shirts with offensive writing, or any other inappropriate clothing is not allowed.  Also, children under the age of 14 are not allowed to be in attendance.

Where to Pay a Ticket

Traffic tickets can be paid at the Municipal Court Clerk's office at the Paola Justice Center located at 805 N. Pearl St. The Court Clerk is available during the following hours:

Fines & Fees

The fine and/or fees associated with your ticket may vary from the schedule due to your particular violation or circumstances. To view Fines & Fees Schedule please select one of the following:

Fines & Fees
Speeding Fines & Fees

For your convenience, you can pay your Fines & Fees online by clicking here.

Pro Se Defendants

If you are a pro se defendant (do not have an attorney) and need to request a continuance for a case that is on the PLEA Docket, you must fill out the attached motion and order for the Judge to review and sign.  Once you have completed these forms you can bring them into the Court at 805 N. Pearl, fax to 913-259-3639, or email them to if you have not appeared in court before and need a continuance you MUST call the court clerk to request your continuance, to see if one is available.

Pro Se Order for Continuance
Pro Se Motion Continuance